I’m Off!

I am leaving for Moncton at 2:00 to go shopping for my trip to Ontario! I have to be at the airport for 8 at the latest, and i am overwhelmingly excited. I can’t wait to get away and relax! And i cant wait to get some new clothes for the trip haha. New clothes is always good. I am finishing up my packing now, and then we will be off!!


My Face :)Me :)I am completely done my work!! Finally! I have finished up my last essays and sent them off to be marked. I am so happy. Its kind of strange actually, because I’m not going to know what to do with myself for the rest of the Summer! I am thinking that I will focus on my music and my art. I am singing at a couple of weddings, so that will be pretty fun for me 🙂 I am also getting paid to do a painting! This is a first for me, so I am a bit nervous about it :p Ah, I am just so glad to be finished my work! This year for E

nglish I was trying a new course; from the Tree of Life school. It was quite a lot of work, but I learned some crap load of stuff! I really enjoyed it actually, and can’t wait to do it next year 🙂 This course was really neat because I actually sent my work through email to the Tree of Life teachers, who I think are in Fredericton. They marked my work for me and sent it back. They were tougher markers than my mother I must say haha but their comments and advice were really helpful and when they complimented parts of your work, it really means a lot and you know that you have done a good job More

In One Day

Word HeartOkay, so i am ALMOST done my work for the year. I can almost taste the freedom! Today, i wrote an ENTIRE essay! Yup. That was a huge accomplishment for me, i am SO GLAD to get that off my shoulders. This essay was based around this: “Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder.” I had to write about the views of beauty in different cultures, as well as what the bible has to say about beauty. You would not believe some of the wacky stuff people do to themselves to make them look “beautiful”. It’s slightly disturbing. Some African people stretch out their necks using these things called neck rings; they are metal spiral coils that go around their neck :p It makes their neck look really long, but it doesn’t actually stretch it out, it just pushes the shoulder blades down. Sounds pretty fun. Then, the chinese a long time ago, used to use this method called foot binding, which basically squashed their feet into these little tiny shoes, making their feet weird and deformed. Then, the Mayans, i VERY long time ago, used to put pressure on their baby’s head so that it turned into this cone shape. :p Yup, cuz cone-shaped heads are super gorgeous.


Hello world!

Hello World 🙂 This is my very first post, and i am really excited to start blogging! I hope i will entertain you in some way 🙂